Connect to your sacred feminine aliveness.

Experience deep connection & sisterhood.

Transform everyday life into a sacred ritual.

Our lives are full and messy…the Temple provides tethering to the divine feminine in my everyday life.

~ Cindy Black 

There is a Global Awakening of the Feminine

The Embracing Shakti Temple is an opportunity for you to nourish yourself with your sacred feminine essence (Shakti) every month, and experience the ripple effects across your life.

Bring sacredness and deep connection – to self, others and the divine – back into your everyday life by joining me for a guided journey each month.

The reality is, we have busy, full (sometimes overwhelming) lives… and we’re not about to run away to meditate in a cave for ten years to find inner peace. Now, more than ever, we need to be able to bring sacredness, ritual, and a connection to something greater into our EVERYDAY lives.

It is possible to do short, time-sensitive practices that connect us to Shakti (our divine feminine essence) and give us the fuel to navigate even mundane and challenging parts of life while feeling held, loved, alive, sensual, turned on and passionate!

I’ve been learning about different ancient feminine lineages and going on my own yoga and healing journey for over 25 years.

You don’t need to seek all over the world – and for decades – like I did.

I created the Embracing Shakti Temple to bring a guided, time-sensitive Shakti-awakening journey directly to YOU.

Each month, I carefully bring together the best of the wisdom and tools I’ve learnt, to hand-craft a unique goddess archetypal journey and transmission for you to experience from the comfort of your own home.

When you join the Embracing Shakti Temple, each month you will receive a new set of resources centred around one Goddess/aspect of the feminine that will guide you home to the feminine inside of you. 

You’ll also be welcomed into a sisterhood where you’ll be seen, held, loved and supported as you reawaken to your innate feminine power within.

The temple is a holy container that supports you to feel empowered so you can shed old, limiting masculine expectations, beliefs, and patterns in your life, and finally let yourself be guided by your inner feminine wisdom.

The various expressions of the feminine will be our starting point every month for ceremony, ritual, guided practices and inquiry. You will have access to an epic library of resources you can turn to as inspiration and guidance in all areas of your life.

Some of the Goddesses & Archetypes that are already waiting for you in the Temple:


SaraswatiIndian Goddess of Knowledge

Lilith – Hebrew Goddess of Power & Sovereignty

 Pachamama – Peruvian Earth Goddess

 Isis – Egyptian Goddess of Magic & Motherhood

Uzume – Shinto Goddess of Laughter & Shadow

Airmid – Irish Goddess of Herbs & Plants

 Oshun – Nigerian River Goddess of Fertility & Healing

 Louhi – Finnish Goddess of the Moon & Winter

Radiant One


each of us is awakening to our innate, feminine power

When we gather, as women—in community, creating a true sisterhood—this awakening is amplified because we remember ourselves in one another. We mirror another, witness another, and love another as we truly are: whole, divine, powerful. 

As our awakening, remembering, and healing amplifies, in sisterhood, we help the planet, and all its beings, heal.

Enter the Shakti Temple

A safe space to remember your divine femininity, explore your power, and reclaim your magic!


  • Where are you deferring to your masculine while sacrificing your feminine?
  • Do you find yourself feeling strained, stressed, rushed, and ‘hustled’ out?
  • Do you feel imbalanced and desperately desiring to feel more connection with your body, your ancestral wisdom, and your sensual, feminine magic?
  • Are you fiercely desiring more S P A C I O U S N E S S to be, feel, express, dance, create, and embody more pleasure, bliss, and peace?

The world needs women who are awake to their wisdom, 

power, beauty, and sacredness.

Will you join us? 



Ancient lineages all over the world have been honouring the Goddess for centuries, but a lot of that wisdom is less-available to us in the modern, patriarchal world. The Goddess may have been suppressed for thousands of years, but she is still very much alive within us – and ready to rise again!

Inside the Temple is a vibrant collection of hand-crafted Goddess ceremonies, rituals and practices for you to awaken this Divine Feminine energy, wisdom and life force within you.

In Embracing Shakti Temple you won’t just be learning about the Goddess with your mind, instead, you will meet and feel her within you.

And as you receive each month’s transmissions and do the practices, you will collect an array of powerful archetypal feminine energies inside of you that you can call upon in your modern life. Need Lilith’s help throwing off men’s expectations of you, and claiming your power and ‘enough’ness? Want to channel the generosity and abundance of Lakshmi? These Goddesses are already available in the Library and waiting to share their transmissions with you.

You have access to:

  • A download of the featured Goddess, what she embodies and what she’s here to help you cultivate inside of yourself

  • A guided ceremony to connect with the her Essence

  • A drum journey created especially for you to meet the Goddess

  • A tailored collection of meditation, breathwork, yoga and embodiment practices tailored for you to feel – in your body – the archetypal energy this Goddess represents

  • A curated playlist for you to dance and feel the Goddess

These practices will energize and rejuvenate you on a deep soul level. Goddess energy is downright contagious. It WANTS to fill your being with its essence and when it does, the ripple effect you’ll experience in all areas of your life (I’m talking relationships, finances, creativity, and more) makes these practices worth the cost of admission alone.


Starting in 2021, each month we will be guided by a theme connected to the Divine Feminine. Within each theme we will explore ceremonies practices from the extensive Shakti Vault within the Temple and live classes with Carla, Caitie Hueller and Carolyn Manhas.

Themes to be explored in 2021 include Empowerment, Sexuality, Presence, Wisdom, Passion, Transformation and Abundance.


Each month 3 very special live classes are offering to Temple Sisters. Carla shares a Body of the Goddess practice filled with sensual embodiment practices, Caitie Hueler from Caitlin’s Heart To Heart Holistic Healing leads you through a workshop focused on healing and creativity and Carolyn Manhas from Inner Creations Yoga guides us through a Trance Dance experience. Come together in virual community to learn new skills and be lovingly witnessed and supported. 

Each class helps you walk the path of connecting to and living from your sacred feminine more.


Our ancestors used to live in harmony with the natural cycles and look to the skies for guidance. When we understand important astrological events, we are able to work with the potency of the Universe and harness the power of the lunar and astrological events.

When you enter the temple, you’ll be able to look forward to important astrological events and plan ceremonies, increase your manifestation potential, understand why you’re experiencing certain challenges and lessons (and how to navigate them in harmony with ancient astrological wisdom), and schedule important launches in periods when you’ll be most supported.

This calendar can be easily integrated with the online calendar system you’re already using, making all of this ancient wisdom easily found and applied in the palm of your hand! (This alone will save you a bunch of time researching and recording if you like to stay across important astrological events in your calendar)


I have loved Tarot since I was a teenager. And have found much guidance, solace and insight from the many readings I have received or done myself over the years.  I’ve asked the lovely Leah Coghlan to prepare a Tarot Card reading exclusively for the Embracing Shakti Temple community each month. This gives you access to channeled guidance on what’s coming up for the month and where it will be most helpful to place your focus. 

What I love the most about these oracle readings is that when we’re ‘in it’ (life), it can be challenging to see our experiences from helpful perspectives… but a tarot card reading can provide us with clarity, insight and an empowering perspective to help us see and move through life in a more intuitive, feminine and trusting way.

As you listen to the oracle reading, and then watch intuitively as your life unfolds over that month, you’ll notice that these readings help you to tune into your intuitive senses and your own oracle within. You’ll notice what YOU felt intuitively as you watched the oracle reading, and what came to pass… and doing this regularly will help you to hone and refine your own intuitive capabilities.


In addition to all of these powerful resources you’ll receive each month, every few months I also dive deep with a guest leader whose wisdom and life experience I deeply respect, so that you can receive her transmission and teachings as well.

So far we’ve covered topics such as forgiveness, how to express our truth, the power of our unique message, how to beat overwhelm, and how to re-embody our experience of time. These womxn are living breathing examples and transmissions of Shakti awakened and living in a powerful, integrated way in modern times. We can all learn so much from each other.


Importantly, in our busy and often overwhelming lives, it’s so helpful to be able to use even small pockets of time to drop in to our feminine essence and feel nourished and resourced as we move through the rest of our day.

That’s why I create a new ‘Embracing Shakti Mini’ each month with a guided embodiment practice that you can do in under 10 minutes (often under 5!). There’s already a small (and ever-growing) library of videos you can watch to drop into your body and awaken your Shakti, even as you know the kids will call out to you in the next 10 minutes wanting to be fed, or you only have a 30 minute lunch break at work.

Instead of scrolling mindlessly on social media (that often leaves us feeling drained and craving genuine connection), these Minis make it easy for you to reclaim those small pockets of time to connect with yourself, ground into your body, and feel alive and turned on for hours afterwards!


Lastly, this might be my favourite part of the temple… the community. The womxn. The sisterhood. My greatest healing has happened in being witnessed, held and loved exactly as I am. 

This is your opportunity to join a community of womxn also returning to their feminine essence, also craving deep connection to themselves and others, and who are learning to heal patriarchal sisterhood wounds together.

We do all of this work on ourselves, but it’s so important we also do it together. Our wounding was created in relationship, and it’s fundamental we do our healing in relationship too. Loving (and being loved by) other womxn helps us reconnect with our feminine energy, and love ourselves more deeply.

When you enter the temple, you’ll be welcomed into a safe, supportive sisterhood who celebrate your wins, support you through your challenges, and love you exactly as you are – in all of your glorious humanity and divinity.

Special Bonuses

Bonus 1: Welcome to the Temple—Drum Journey ($44 value)

A recorded Spirit journey guided by Carla to welcome you to the Embracing Shakti Temple. Spirit journeys are inner adventures into the realm of collective consciousness and your wisdom being. You will align with your intuitive and imaginative gifts as you move through this powerful visionary practice.

Bonus 2: Shakti Manifestation Ritual ($55 value)

Sister, how do you wish to be Embodied, Expressed, Receptive & Celebrated? This sacred video ceremony with Carla will let you play, dream, unfold and receive what your heart wants to share. The insights that are revealed will help you tap into the next evolution of your soul’s journey. Delicious!

Sister, if you’re feeling in your bones the yearning for a community of women devoted to the feminine, the goddess, and one another, this is your time to say YES! 

To be in the presence of an exceptional woman and teacher is a gift in itself, to have her knowledge, wisdom and creativity shared with us, is a treasure. Carla uses her talents to bring us deeper into our bodies and this truly is magical. If you are searching for a deeper practice, deeper self love or beginning to discover who you truly are, spend time with Carla and allow the unfolding to happen, you’ll be amazed at what you discover!

Denise Marshall


Embrace Shakti Temple will be there for you,
every step of the way,
as you release emotional baggage,
insecurities, and detrimental patterns that
hold you back from being the most luminous version of you.

…What awaits is a woman who feels whole, seen and exquisitely alive!

This is a safe and sacred space where you can finally learn how to embody your feminine essence to bring more sacredness and deep connection into your life (without feeling overwhelmed by all of the things you ‘should’ or ‘could’ be doing). 

This is a simple, step-by-step offering of embodiment practices, wisdom, rituals and ceremonies that ground your connection to the feminine into your life.

Watch a Video Tour of The Embracing Shakti Temple

With your membership, you’ll access all of the following:


Enjoy our members’ only portal where you’ll find all of your released content each month. Return to this library of resources whenever you choose—it’s open 24/7. 


You’ll build a library of resources such as live moon ceremonies (with Q&A), rituals, goddess of the month practices—such as yoga, qi-gong, drum journeys, breathwork— astrological calendar, and monthly oracle readings. Access these anytime you wish, as long as you are a member.


An astrological calendar will be posted with details and insights on moon phases (including astrology signs) and special cosmic events. This calendar will inspire you to attune to the heavens and tap into the powerful energies that can uplift you.


Connect with a group of women from across the globe and receive their support, unconditional love, witnessing, and nurturing. Carla and her team is available for support and guidance here, too. 


Using a variety of stunning and inspiring tarot decks, Leah Coghlan (Embracing Shakti Angel and Tarot reader of 20 years), will offer a reading for the group each month. Her readings will help enlighten you to areas of opportunity that lie ahead.


Enjoy three live & interactive classes a month: Body of the Goddess Embodiment Class with Carla; Healing & Creativity Workshop with Caitie Hueller and Trance Dance with Carolyn Manhas. Powerful and transformative opportunties to take your personal practice to the next level. 


Enjoy a diversity of leaders—including indigenous teachers, Shakti thought leaders, and power practitioners. It is a blessing to receive wisdom from our esteemed elders and teachers. 


After you have completed certain practices, you will unlock incredible bonus material like Lunar Seed Cycling, Power Mudras, Merkaba Meditation and more!

Are you ready to embrace the most exquisite version of you?


  • A safe, loving, nonjudgmental community that allows you to show up exactly as you are
  • Remembering you are already whole and fully embodied
  • Accessing your sacred sexuality
  • Igniting your creativity, wisdom, strength, and passion for life 
  • Prioritizing yourself so you can reconnect with your divine feminine energy 
  • Creating and amplifying Shakti in your daily life—through rituals and practices using breath, intention, and movement 
  • Reclaiming your sovereignty and personal path through consistent self-reflection 
  • Love, acceptance, nourishment, and grounding support from Carla and her team
  • Feeling more centered, powerful, and grounded in your life



By discovering how to release energetic blockages using Tantric practices in a safe and supportive way, you’ll unleash an unlimited reservoir of pleasure and energetic vibrancy. 

This is part of Shakti. Shakti catalyzes and radiates our all our energy, including sexual energy into creative passion and flow. When you tap into this potential, creative power expands into all aspects of your life, lighting you up! 

Shakti supports us to keep passion alive in any relationship, including the one with yourself, and open the gateway to more fulfilling desire.



This online monthly temple is for any person who identifies as a womxn and is on a sacred mission to celebrate Shakti, feminine wisdom, and sisterhood. 

All sexual orientations are welcome and celebrated.

We honour the LGBTQX & BIPOC community. 

Sister, if you feel called to create space in your life for YOU, releasing the bonds of overwhelm and over-busyness, this temple will be a beautiful place to ground a sacred vow toward that by tapping into your natural powers of creativity and manifestation.  

This temple is truly a place where we gather, in sisterhood, to share our stories, ideas, and visions of how we want to show up fully in the world as fully embodied women.


  • Identify patterns and behaviours in your life that no longer serve you—including limiting sexual patterns
  • Ignite your passion 
  • Feel radiant, magnetic, and juicily confident in your own skin

…And together, we’ll reclaim our sovereignty as embodied, whole, passionate women—for ourselves, our families, for humanity, and for the planet.

“The practice of focusing on Shakti and the Divine Feminine means that we are starting to remember. The world is changing and with the additional roles that women have now taken on, if we don’t focus on our physical and spiritual and emotional selves, then we will lose all of those pieces and our ability to balance all of those pieces.

Being able to bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds means that we can share world views. It is very significant to be able to share these teachings as far and wide as possible.  It is very important to provide different ways of seeing and believing so that others can express themselves in a way that empowers them to be the best that they can be. 

Carla, I think you are doing such an amazing job of bringing this knowledge forward and I feel grateful that we have you as a resource in our community.”

Shobha,  founder of Our Satya


I already have a full life and busy schedule? How will being a member support me and not create more burden or responsibility to show up to another ‘thing’

This is a way to show up for you and not another ‘thing.’ In my work with womxn over the years though, I’ve found that showing up for yourself in community with other womxn creates the spaciousness in your life for more ‘you’ time, to feel your body, feel and experience your emotions, find comfort and support, and begin releasing the responsibilities that are not aligned with your being and attune to what is in your highest good. 

Oftentimes we can commit to things in our lives that don’t add value but drain us, and as women in the Embracing Shakti Movement reported, even devoting 10 minutes a day to their personal practice was vastly transformational to their well-being.  

Who is this temple for?

We welcome and celebrate women of all ages and identifications (lesbian, bisexual, queer and pansexual women and any other sexual identities and choices) and anyone who identifies as a woman at the Embracing Shakti Temple!

Please note that this course does use gendered language.

How much time should I practice each day?

The content in the temple is here for you to use as you feel called. We suggest practicing a at least once a week or more if you feel called. More practice = more aliveness!

What if I've had a hysterectomy, can I still do the practices?

Physical organs are not needed for any of these practices – your energetic womb is still intact!

I’m new to embracing my spiritual side and I am not quite sure I am ready to express these practices to others. Will I be guaranteed my privacy?

Absolutely, we don’t not give your information to other companies, nor do we post content containing members images or comments outside of our circle unless we get your permission.

When is new content available?

New temple content is available every month, including Goddess/Archetype of the Month Handout, Monthly Ceremony/Practice with Carla, Astrological Calendar and Monthly Tarot Reading with Leah. New content will be made available on the 1st of every month. There is also a live monthly Q&A scheduled with Carla that will be listed on the membership calendar. It will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

You will receive email reminders when new content is posted in our membership site.

When does billing happen?

Your first payment for the Embracing Shakti Temple is processed on the day of enrollment, and payments are billed every 30 days thereafter.

How do I cancel my membership?

Although we would be sad to see you go, you can cancel your membership anytime by reaching out to our customer service team at

Can I get a refund?

You can cancel your membership at any time, and you will not be billed again. However, a cancellation does not refund the previous month’s charges as your membership content has already been delivered to you.

Please note: once you’ve cancelled your membership, you will no longer have access to the membership portal and you will be removed from the Facebook Community group.

Carla, why do you sometimes use the word womxn?

The word ‘woman’ comes from the phrase ‘of man’. X allows space for individuals who identify as genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, or non-binary. The “x” in womxn works the same way, and as such, opens up the free-human-woman concept to include trans women.

What’s your diversity and racism plan?

Our team is very devoted to doing the work of dismantling prejudice, white privilege, and ingrained racism. We’ve been in the process of taking courses led by thought and action leaders such as Layla F. Saad, Sara Alvarado, the Adaway Group and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

It is our intention this platform and space welcome diversity in all its forms.

What Sisters Say About the Temple

 As a founding sister of the Embracing Shakti Temple, I value the community of women. I am a bit of a tomboy and for most of my life have surrounded myself with a lot of masculine energies, as I find myself most comfortable there. This opportunity, however, let me grow myself, be all of the woman I can be, all while exploring my feminine side. Connecting with other women in the group has helped me achieve that. 

Carla and the Embracing Shakti Temple offer an abundance of connection, inspiration, support and love. I have found the whole experience very valuable. The personal and financial investment in the Embracing Shakti Temple is worth every cent.

Birgit Zorzi

Before being in the Embracing Shakti Temple, I was struggling with finding sisterhood on my journey.  A place of non-judgement.  I have found that here at the temple and with Carla.  I am still growing and learning…no, remembering who I am and I think it would have been a much harder task If I was not surrounded by the community. My favourite thing about the Temple is the sense of support, community, and exploration it has.
The biggest Lesson I have learned, is I am not alone on my path of remembering, or this spiritual journey.  I value that a lot as I had started feeling kind of like an outcast and alone.

The thing about Carla is she is inspiring, and intuitive.  I have had her post things that relate to me very closely at times, and I wonder how she knew I needed that right then, and I am Grateful.

Amanda Lee Robertson

Prior to joining the Temple, I had little whipsterings about the idea of embracing our Divine Feminine. I wasn’t sure what that would look like in my day to day life. But when I joined the Temple it has been of the best experiences of my life. It has been such a journey to getting to know parts of myself that I didn’t know I wasn’t embodying. Areas of my body that I had been cut off from.

Now I feel held in reverence. I have learned to revere all of my body, all its parts. I am now doing things in my life that I wouldn’t have done a year ago before this experience.  Carla is so nurturing and so welcoming. This is such a safe container. 

Tamara Sullivan

My Personal Guarantee

By joining the safe and supportive container of the Embracing Shakti Temple, you will reclaim your sovereignty as a fully embodied woman who can access her sacred sexuality to move in the world from a place of wisdom, strength, spaciousness, wholeness, connection, creativity, turn on and passion for life. If you are not satisfied with your choice, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time no questions asked.

Dear Sister,

Do you know how uniquely, amazingly spectacular you are?

Sometime we forget. I know, I do too sometimes.

But I am here to help you remember that you are magnificent. That you are powerful. That you are a goddess incarnated.

And I want you to really feel this, to be this, in your blood and bones. 

When women come together in sisterhood, the world heals a little more. We heal a little more. Our families and communities heal a little more. 

Through each other’s eyes, a deep soul remembrance is sparked within.

It’s that primordial older-than-time etheric remembrance, like the remembering of a long ago sleeping story encoded in our genes. Now awakening.  

This is what will amplified in sisterhood when we come together in the Embracing Shakti Temple.

So I ask you, are you ready? Do you feel the call to enter the Temple? To amplify your transformational power to the next stratosphere?

I see you.

And bow to you, to us. The goddesses of our times.

I would love to take this journey with you.

If you’re called to raise your voice and stand in the circle of sisterhood, then I extend my open hand to you.

All my love,



Your membership in the Temple goes back into communities of women in a variety of ways. A portion of your membership fees is invested to support women in accessing this work as well as assisting women in India who have been forced into the sex trade.

Sponsored Memberships

For every 50 women who join the temple, we offer 5 free memberships to women who would otherwise not be able to join and participate. If you are interested in applying for one of these spaces, please contact us at

Embracing Shakti Temple Supports

Guria India, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fighting child prostitution, second generation prostitution, trafficking of women and children for forced labour or sex primarily in Northern India.

Moon Time Sisters, a volunteer-led charity that collects and sends menstrual products to women and girls in Northern Canadian communities, most of them indigenous, who don’t have access to supplies because of their remote locations and the prohibitive cost of getting them there. Many of these young women are missing school and work because of their periods, which means that so much potential is unfulfilled, just because of periods.

Native Women’s Association of Canada – was founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations, Métis and Inuit women, girls and gender-diverse people within First Nations, Métis and Inuit Canadian societies. 

A portion of each Embracing Shakti Temple Membership is donated to these charities doing such important work in our world.


“Connecting to Shakti is where the growing happens towards a spiritual life of peace and knowing within us. They are universal teachings no matter where they are from. It is a common language. And what we bring to each other becomes a beautiful blend. We bring different aspects to each other and it helps to paint a complete picture.”

Kapila Chugh – Yoga Teacher & Yoga Teacher Trainer

Join the Temple Now!

ONLY $44 USD a month

Yearly & Yearly + 1:1 Mentoring also available 

(all packages include special bonuses)

No long-term commitment – cancel anytime!


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