A 13 Day Journey

NOVEMBER 14-26, 2020


Are you a woman who’s ready to reclaim your sacred sexuality and move in the world from a place of wisdom, strength, spaciousness, connection, creativity, turn on and passion for life?

Join women from around the world for a supported 13 day virtual journey to rediscover and nurture the fully embodied woman within.

A 13 Day Virtual Journey of

Reclaiming & Celebrating the Feminine


  • Brief, simple daily rituals and practices to awaken your feminine intuition — guaranteed to fit in your busy life
  • Self-reflections to practice living and connecting from your heart and sensual power
  • Meditations designed specifically to help you access the energy of the feminine within
  • Loving, online private sisterhood—for deep connection, support, sharing, and wisdom
  • …All accessible & available on any device forever!


  • A safe, loving, nonjudgmental community that allows you to show up exactly as you are
  • An opportunity to prioritize yourself (before others!) so you can reconnect with your divine feminine energy
  • Immediately creating and amplifying Shakti in your daily life—through breath, intention, and movement
  • Reclaiming your personal path through consistent self-reflection and support
  • Love, acceptance, nourishment, and grounding support from Carla
  • Feeling relaxed and centered after each short practice (less than 10 mins/day)

In the Embracing Shakti Movement

You’ll Experience


Discover exquisite practices to circulate Feminine energy in your body. You’ll learn the following Tantric practices to help you immediately experience more pleasure and feel more powerful in your life: Yoni Heart Breathing, Sun Earth Salutations, Shakti Shaking and more.


Perhaps one of the most important ways we enhance our connection to our inner selves is by asking questions. During the 13 Day Embracing Shakti Journey you will get clear on your intentions, discover how to honour the womxn in your life and pay tribute to the ancestors of the land. 


The way of Shakti asks that we practice living and connecting from our heart and sensual power. On this journey you will be guided to take time for reflection both on your own and in the Community Group as a means to integrate your experiences more fully and to start creating the life that you most desire. 


You will enjoy Meditations designed specifically to help you access the energy of the feminine within. You will feel yourself filled with shining particles of Shakti energy. Practices include Self Sourcing Into the Directions and Inner Listening into the three Feminine Chakra Centres.


Join the November 14-26th Embracing Shakti Movement Journey


Watch What Womxn Are Sharing About Their Experiences

Reaana Bradley

Caitie Hueller

Terri Aldred


Join the November 14-26th Embracing Shakti Movement Journey


“The practice of focusing on Shakti and the Divine Feminine means that we are starting to remember. The world is changing and with the additional roles that womxn have now taken on, if we don’t focus on our physical and spiritual and emotional selves, then we will lose all of those pieces and our ability to balance all of those pieces.

Being able to bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds means that we can share world views. It is very significant to be able to share these teachings as far and wide as possible.

It is very important to provide different ways of seeing and believing so that others can express themselves in a way that empowers them to be the best that they can be.

Carla, I think you are doing such an amazing job of bringing this knowledge forward and I feel grateful that we have you as a resource in our community.”

Shoba Sharma

shobhasharma.com, founder of Our Satya

Radiant Sister, a Powerful Global Awakening is Happening…

The world is shaking. Shakti is shaking. 

She is shaking us too…so that we release the bonds of overwhelm and let go of old, masculine ways that keep us stuck, holding on, rigid, and out of our passionate, ecstatic flow. 

It’s time to remember and reawaken who we truly are.

Remember Your Feminine Essence

Shakti wants us to fully reclaim Her—the powerful energy of the Divine Feminine. 

While she fearlessly ignites our fierce softness and expands our receptivity, she opens us to remember that her creative, intuitive, and patient life force energy is our sovereign right. 

It is life itself.


your Sensual Flow, Your Stillness, Your Feminine Impulse, Your Freedom 

Shakti stirs our soul and radiates out our feet, sending thunderous waves across the earth, transforming our imbalanced, stressful life—with the constant hustle—into one where we honor, respect, listen, and celebrate our inner creative flow, the dance of life encoded within us. 


Through simple, daily practices and the love and support of other womxn. 

When we finally experience this, we feel safe, nourished, motivated, and empowered to prioritize ourselves, remember who we truly are, and begin the transformative journey back to our Shakti. 

What is Shakti?

The Sanskrit word, Shakti, means force or energy and refers to the primordial, active, dynamic feminine energy of creation.

Wild and often waiting to be liberated, she is the pleasure and passion that creates the fabric of reality. 

In India, Shakti is honoured as the mother goddess and the universal source of energy, power, and creativity.

Honouring Shakti

As a long-time practitioner of yoga in the Hatha & Tantric lineages, I give reverence and honour to the cultural roots of this ancient understanding of the cosmos by using my role and voice to acknowledge Shakti’s ancestral origin. 

During the 13 Day Journey, we will celebrate Shakti—both within and without—her many parallels in other cultures, and her capacity to unify global archetypes, legends, and teachings.

Dear Sister, 

I’m calling womxn of all ages, shapes, sizes, races, orientations, and identifiers. My heart is open wide to receive you into this powerful, online community. 

I know that sometimes it can feel like there isn’t enough time to deeply connect and nourish yourself. We are so busy as womxn that we often put others first. Yet, our soul craves to connect with our wholeness and reclaim our personal power and inherent, passionate love. 

So, I created this 13 Day Journey with you in mind – a womxn who wants to feel more strength, acceptance, connection and peace within.

By saying “yes” to yourself, you’ll be given daily practices (less than 10 minutes each!) that you can immediately integrate into your daily life with ease. You’ll be able to focus on yourself, your amazing gifts, and instantly begin revitalizing your innate, creative energy … and feel more alive than ever!

I invite you to come together with womxn from around the planet as we embrace Shakti for these 13 days of ceremony and practice.

We are waiting for you.

love & pranams,



In the 13 Day Journey, You’ll Access:


Our private, safe Facebook sisterhood (one of the most AMAZING parts of this experience!) is where you’ll connect with inspiring, supportive, and like-hearted womxn—alongside Carla, who will lovingly hold a transformative and non-judgmental container.


13 brief, simple rituals and practices you can seamlessly weave into your day for greater connection and embodiment with your pleasure, purpose, and power. You’ll receive daily emails specifically designed to fit into your busy days with ease and grace.


Once you join the Embracing Shakti Movement, you’ll have lifelong access to all of the daily practices and our Facebook sisterhood. This guarantees you’ll always have somewhere to go for support, guidance, and to remember what a radiant, incredible, and divinely feminine being you are!

What womxn are saying

“Each practice was short and easy to fit into my busy day, and gave immediate, positive results. I could instantly feel the difference, which motivated me to keep going with each new practice. The supportive community and feedback from the Facebook group was also nourishing, grounding, and really helped with some of the emotional aspects that came up in some practices. The journey helped me understand that I can generate, amplify, and direct Shakti energy through my body at will using breath, intention, and movement.”

Debbie Keahey

“The ESM – 13 Day Virtual Journey helped me understand that quiet, introspective time is beneficial for my growth as a person and more importantly as a woman. I am at a stage in my life where things are a bit stagnant and am wanting change, so I was surprised to find that taking only 5 minutes a day through Carla’s practises helped start my transformation. The daily reminders influenced me to dedicate time for myself before letting other areas take priority.”

Sarah Densmore

“What I found to be most supportive and valuable through the ESM – 13 Day Journey was the sisterhood … the sharing, the witnessing, the wisdom, and most importantly the unconditional love that resonated within the temple. The safeness in this container that was created and overseen, allowed me to show up exactly as I was feeling: vulnerable and without fear of being judged. Carla’s practices offered brought me on a journey of deep healing that was hidden from past pain by giving me insight, understanding and a deep awakening that integrated feelings of wholeness and peace.”

Karen Autumnflame Stearns

By purchasing the 13 Day Journey, you’ll also automatically receive

Chakra & Subtle Body Meditation

A chakra meditation that can be used as a means to deeply access the Subtle or energetic Body. It is a form of Laya Yoga, which helps to dissolve patterns of consciousness in the body so you can experience a more liberating flow of energy. It is a simple meditation but highly effective. Feel great in just 10 minutes!!

What’s included in the 13 Day Journey:


  • 13 Brief, simple daily rituals and practices to awaken Shakti—even in your busy life
  • Self-reflections to practice living and connecting from our heart and sensual power
  • Meditations designed specifically to help you access the energy of the feminine within.
  • Loving, online private sisterhood—for deep connection, support, sharing, and wisdom
  • All accessible & available on any device forever!

Practices Include:

  • Self-sourcing & The Directions
  • Shakti Shaking: Clearing your energy
  • Inner Listening & The Pelvic Bowl
  • Inner Listening & The Heart
  • Inner Listening & The 3rd Eye
  • Sun & Earth Shakti Salutations
  • Honouring the Abundance of Womxn & their gifts in your life
  • Attuning to the Abundance of the Goddess
  • and more…


Join the November 14-26th Embracing Shakti Movement Journey


Love From Past Embracing Shakti Movement Participants

“I was able to complete the journey reliably because the videos were accessible, worked on any type of wifi, and I didn’t need any props. I was able to spend time reflecting on the exercises, which in turn made me reflect on my life and the life of those around me. I felt completely accepted and safe in the virtual community and felt Carla was available, supportive, and encouraging.”


“The ESM – 13 Day Journey helped me understand that the expectations of others will not necessarily lead to my happiness and that I need to define my own journey and follow my own path. I also accept that I am worthy and loved. I was surprised by how relaxed and centred I felt after completing each daily practice. This journey helped me to do some much needed self-reflection and to make time for myself even when I felt too busy to do so.”

Christina Doll

Cindy Black

Debbie Keahey

“Connecting to Shakti is where the growing happens towards a spiritual life of peace and knowing within us. They are universal teachings no matter where they are from. It is a common language. And what we bring to each other becomes a beautiful blend. We bring different aspects to each other and it helps to paint a complete picture.”

Kapila Chugh – Yoga Teacher & Yoga Teacher Trainer

About Carla

I am a Shakti Lioness. Believer in the breath. Lover of dance, music and movement. Sexual empowerment coach. Embodied yoga facilitator. Mother to 3 divine souls. Health and holistic nut. Explorer of stillness and expansion. Tantrika disciple. World adventurer. Artist and visionary. Seeker of truth and authenticity. Warrior for inclusivity. Dedicated healer of the collective. Devoted partner to my beloved. Priestess and pathfinder of the sacred feminine. Believer in humanity.

Carla Wainwright is an internationally recognized yogini, breath work and tantric arts facilitator, who works with people from around the globe to help them heal, awaken, and transform.

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Carla is particularly passionate about helping womxn explore the divine feminine and embrace their inner power and the Shakti nature within. This work entails going deep, uncovering blocks, becoming embodied, balanced and strong on all levels, ultimately, becoming comfortable with feminine creativity, sexuality and personal power.

She knows from deep personal experience that when we liberate and embrace Shakti, we banish smallness and step fully into our potential, sovereignty and birthright.


Follow Carla’s journey and access more resources, practices and gifts at www.carlawainwright.com

 YES! I’m Ready to Join This Global Collective 13 Day Virtual Journey of Uniting to Honour Our Divine Feminine Power

“This journey brought love, laughter, tears, joy, connection, curiosity and a deep listening to what I longing for. What I found to be most supportive and valuable through the ESM – 13 Day Virtual Journey was the connection with other womxn in the private Facebook group; it was a safe space that allowed us to share our similarities and embrace and honour the areas where we were different.”

Sharon Bridson

“The ESM – 13 Day Journey helped me be more in touch with myself and my divine feminine energy. I realize that I often put other priorities ahead of myself and noticed that when I slowed down and followed Carla’s practices I was much more connected with myself. I found this journey overall to be empowering! I felt stronger within myself, and also felt the support of the community. Even though this practice was online, I always felt part of the larger group of sisters. The Facebook group helped a lot with this. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to reconnect to themselves and their divine feminine.”

Christina Bianchini


Join the November 14-26th Embracing Shakti Movement Journey



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